Insula Dulcamara

The two variations evoke a country, Vainoki, inhabited solely by women and ruled by the queen Hina. These women mate with the aerial roots of the Pandanus odoratissimus, of which the youngest, free, turn toward the ground. Girls alone are born into the world. — Serge Dunis

Hina submerges her aging body in the water. Skin and hair float to the surface; she sheds. In order to regain her vitality, Hina exposes herself extensively to the sun. It’s from this idea of the regenerative power of light that the project takes its inspiration. The women wearing white bodysuits in the exposition space take care of the room, of the architecture, and of the materials that it is made up of. They are the guardians, acting through their gestures, emitting soothing sounds broken occasionally by sharp cries, creating a rhythm that hypnotizes the spectator. Theirs is a new language without words, a language that they own, a libidinal language, a flow, continuous and without rupture.

An illuminated sculpture is the center of the exposition. A weaving is imprisoned by a layer of transparent resin, it reacts to the light. The artisanal weaving echoes various feminine myths, but here there is no question of waiting for a hypothetical resurrection. The weaving is made of copper wires chosen for the material’s conductive potential; the light placed just underneath the resin throws it in to relief. It dazzles us. The sculpture has just generated life, its light attracts us and the room’s guardians are its tributaries; when they exchange a mask it is as if it was just born, they seem to pull our attention again to the sculpture-mother.

The floor is covered in black dregs, the residue from a prior catastrophe. Something happened in this space which was once domestic, what’s left is what is natural, like the lingering presence of an older reality. 

Insula Dulcamara, 2016

Installation composed of four videos, one sculpture, one sound work, and one performance.

Curated by IAC, GAC (Groupe d’art contemporain), Annonay, France

Performance: Anna Gaïotti, Laura Giacomini, Lotus Edde-Khouri et Catherine Touzeau
Sound: Raffaele Grimaldi
Video: Antoine Waterkeyn
Pictures: Blaise Adilon

She simply passes between these two poles of energy, copper, and electrodes, in a process of regeneration. The air is electrified between these conductor-bodies. She doesn’t look at us. They feel at home and we are spectators.

— Ilan Michel, december 2016Read more