Au sol camaïeux divers verts et marrons. Un rayon se pose. Mordoré. Rosy-Blue apparaît

Au sol camaïeux divers verts et marrons. Un rayon se pose. Mordoré. Rosy-Blue apparaît [Against the shaded ground, various greens and blues, a ray falls, bronzed. Rosy-blue appears], 2016

Movie, 17 min

This project is part of an ongoing exploration in which sculptures are the foundation of a new relationship constructed around and with the body, where the sculptures are incarnate. The installation is composed of a film, a sculptural form, a performance, and a sound work. The footage was filmed in the area surrounding Dakar, Senegal. The first shots show a run-down inn, a meandering into a former brothel. When we leave the enclosed space two women and four sculptures perform a strange routine and the movements of water seem to be their language.

The installation proposes a liminal space, one that appeals to multiple senses. The sound is broadcast through the entirety of the exposition space and not only in the projection area. It does not directly accompany the images; it occupies the space and in so doing reveals it, gives it a new materiality. The sound places us in a specific state of perception. It constructs a path in which we re-encounter one of the forms present in the film. This form is an architectural outgrowth, a protuberance that takes on the characteristics of one of the filmed sculptures. Sometimes one of the dancers appears.

The project was originally conceived as a simultaneous projection in Senegal (Biennale de Dakar) and in France (BF15, art space in Lyon), with the simultaneity acting as the project’s heart. It has now multiplied into several versions. At each new exposition, the installation changes. 

Performance: Anna Gaïotti et Mbarou Ndiaye
Photography: Antoine Waterkeyn
Sound: Raffaele Grimaldi
Pictures of the exhibition: Perrine Lacroix

This project is supported by CNC/​Dicréam, ADERA, Fondation Ars Ultima Stein & Guillot and l’Académie de France à Rome, Villa Médicis. It was rewarded by the price of the presidents, ENSBA Lyon.